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July Monthly Newsletter Kentuckiana Regional Group of the BVA

posted Jul 11, 2016, 8:21 PM by Kathy Perry


It is that time again. Our July meeting is coming up and we have some new executive members. Come on out and meet them and help us plan the rest of the year. We will be discussing how our chapter plans to vote in the upcoming convention. If you want your voice heard there we need to hear it here. Be there on July 15th and let us know what is important to you. After the meeting, we will be having a friendly meet and greet as well as a demonstration of the new Prototype tactile display. You will be able to see this before anyone else does.

We have had some exciting changes going on over the last little bit. We now have an active Facebook page. Take a moment and sign up there. You can find us in a number of ways. You can search the name 'Kentuckiana BVA' in the Facebook search bar. You can type out the address in your web browser . And finally, if you are getting this in your email you may be able to just click the link and it will take you to the correct page. Remember if you are having problems finding us you can always contact one of the officers and ask for help.

We are still getting our email list up and running. If you know any other members of the KRBVA that have email, encourage them to let us know so we can get them on the list.

How to get to the meeting:

This Month’s meeting is on July 15th at the American Printing House for the Blind from 11:00 AM to 1PM, at 1839 Frankfurt Ave. If you wish to brown bag a lunch or bring goodies for others feel free food will not be provided.

Parking is a snap at this month's location. As you pull into American Printing House for the Blind there are some parking spots along the left side of the driveway, if they are taken just keep driving there is a full parking lot further along.

Are you taking the bus? That is simple too. There are 2 bus's that go to the American Printing House for the Blind. Number 15 and Number 31. Both of them stop just in front. Tarc3 will take you right to the walkway to the door.

Don't forget you can get a low-cost rider from Uber or Lyft and the more expensive taxi cab.

Agenda for July 2016

1) Welcome
2) Invocation
3) Pledge of Allegiance
4) Roll call
5) Call to order
6) Approval of agenda
7) Approval of the last meeting's minutes
8) Treasurer report
9) Convention Vote Planning
10) Future meetings planning
11) Good of the order
12) Benediction
13) Business close
14) Demonstration of a new Prototype Tactile display
15) Meet and greet

There will be no August meeting as that is the month of the National Convention. We will resume with our September meeting. The following dates are valid for the rest of the year.

September 23
October 21
November 18
December 16