KRBVA Bylaws

Bylaws for Kentuckiana Regional Group of the Blinded Veterans Association


Corporate Name.  The name of the corporation shall be the 
Kentuckiana Regional Group of the Blinded Veterans Association
(BVA) Inc,. a Kentucky 501 (c)(3) corporation.


Corporate Purposes.  The corporation is a charitable and 
educational association dedicated to  assisting the blinded 
veterans of our nation;  to assist in their rehabilitation and to 
hasten their acceptance in the community.


Section 3.1:

Membership.  Membership shall be limited to BVA Members 
and Associate Members in good standing and residing in the 
state of Kentucky with the exception of the six (6) northern 
counties of Boone, Campbell, Fleming, Grant, Kenton and 
Pendleton and the following thirteen southern Indiana 
counties of Clark, Crawford, Dubois, Floyd, Harrison, 
Jackson, Jefferson, Orange, Perry, Scott, Spencer, Warrick 
and Washington.  The definitions of the aforementioned 
categories of membership of the Kentuckiana Regional Group 
and the rights, responsibilities, and restrictions of each 
category shall be in accordance with the BVA National Bylaws 
as amended.  If the above-mentioned members and associate 
members remain in good standing with the National Association 
they shall have and retain membership in the Kentuckiana 
Regional Group as set forth in this article and the BVA National 
Bylaws as amended.

Section 3.2:

Honorary Membership.  The Kentuckiana Regional Group  
shall have an additional category of membership known as 
HONORARYmembership which shall be defined by Article III of 
the BVA National Bylaws as amended.  Honorary memberships 
may be bestowed upon persons who have contributed an 
outstanding service to this Regional Group and/or its members.  
Horary memberships shall be for one (1) year and shall not 
exceed five (5) in any one (1) year.  Honorary members shall be 
charged no dues.  Honorary memberships may be bestowed by 
a majority of the members  present and voting at a regular 
membership meeting of the Group.  Honorary members shall have 
no direct voice or vote of any kind in the affairs of this Regional 
Group or the BVA, but may submit suggestions and 
recommendations to the Regional Group /BVA and attend
meetings of the group.

Section 3.3:

Annual  Meetings.
The annual meeting of the Regional group shall be held in May or 
June of each Year at a place designated by the Executive 
Committee at such hour as may be designated by written notice 
not less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting.  The 
written notice must state the purpose of the meeting and a copy 
must also be sent to National Headquarters (Attn: Administrative 
Director).  The purpose of the annual meeting shall be to transact 
such business as may be desirable including making laws and 
bylaws, rules and regulations and to elect the officers and 

Section 3.4:

Special Meetings.
Special meetings of the membership may be called by the 
Executive Committee to be  held at the place designated by the 
executive committee upon ten (10) days written notice with the 
purpose(s) of the meeting stated in the written notice and a copy 
sent to National Headquarters (Attn:  Administrative Director).

Section 3.5:  

Quorum.  For all annual meetings and any other special meetings 
to which the membership is notified to attend and at which a vote 
by the membership will be taken, a quorum shall be five (5) voting 
members-two of which must be elected officers of the Regional 


Section 4.1:

Officers.  The officers of the Kentuckiana Regional Group shall be 
President, a vice-President, Secretary, a Treasurer, a 
Sergeant-at-Arms, a Chaplain and three (3) Members-at-Large.  
However, at its discretion, the Regional Group may combine the 
offices of Secretary and Treasurer and have a single office of 
Secretary/Treasurer.  Furthermore, at its discretion, the Regional 
Group may elect officers from among its Members and Associate 
Members in good standing considered necessary for its operation.

Section 4.2:

Elections.  The Regional Group shall elect officers each year 
from among its Members and Associate Members in good 
standing at the Annual Meeting as prescribed above. Officers 
shall serve until their successors have qualified.  In no case, 
however, shall an officer serve a period exceeding eighteen 
(18) months without election.  Due to the annual report of 
finances required to be made by the Treasurer in June of each 
year, the elections shall therefore take place at that time.   
Doing so will release the outgoing Treasurer from his/her fiscal 
responsibilities and will permit the incoming  Treasurer to 
commence his/her term with a clean slate.  The outgoing President 
shall swear in all newly elected officers.

Section 4.3:

Vacancies.  In case any office of the Regional Group becomes 
vacant by death, resignation, retirement, disqualification or any 
other cause, a simple majority of the Executive Committee can 
consider and name a replacement.

Section 4.4:

President:  The President shall preside over all meetings of the 
Executive Committee and membership meetings and as an 
ex-officio member of all committees which may be from time to 
time elected or appointed.  The President shall have general 
overall supervision of the business and affairs of the Regional 
Group.  The President, or in his/her absence or at his/her 
discretion, the Vice-President, shall sign with the Secretary or 
any other proper officer of the Regional Group authorized by the 
Executive Committee any contracts or other instruments.

Section 4.5:

Vice-President.  The vice-President in absence, resignation or 
removal of the President, shall perform the duties of the 
President, and shall have all the powers of and e subject to all 
the restrictions upon the President.

Section 4.6:  

Secretary:  The Secretary shall be charged with the keeping of 
complete and proper records of all business of the Regional 
Group with the exception of the financial records.  The Secretary 
shall keep written minutes of all membership and Executive 
Committee meetings and shall furnish a copy of all such written 
minutes to the National Secretary  at the National Headquarters 
(Attn:  Administrative Director) within two months of such meetings.  
He/she shall notify all members in good standing and National 
Headquarters (Attn: Administrative Director) in writing of all 
Regional Group meetings, including the purpose(s) for which they 
are called.

Section 4.7:

Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall maintain true and complete books 
of account(s) reflecting all of the income and expenditures of the 
Regional Group.  He/she shall report regularly to the membership 
on the finances of the Regional Group and shall file budgets and
financial reports with the National Association as requested and/or 
as required by the current edition of the National bylaws as 
amended.  The Treasurer may delegate the power of signing of 
checks from the operating fund to the executive officers and other 
authorized persons with the approval of the Executive Committee.  
The Treasurer shall be bonded  with such cash for the bond covered 
by the Regional Group.

Section 4.8:

Chaplain:  The Chaplain may conduct devotional exercises at the 
Regional Group meetings, and shall perform other such duties as 
may be assigned to him/her by the Group President or Executive 

Section 4.9:

Sergeant-at-Arms.  The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible under 
the direction of the Regional Group President, for maintain peace, 
harmony and order at all meetings of the Regional Group, and shall 
perform such other duties as assigned  to him/her by the Group 
president or the Executive Committee.

Section 4.10:

Members-at-Large.  Members-at-Large will serve on the Executive 
Committee in accordance with their respective terms of office, and 
shall perform such other duties as may be assigned them by the 
Group President or the Executive Committee.  Members-at-Large 
shall serve three(3) year terms.  One Member-at-Large will be 
elected each year for a three (3) year term.


Section 5.1:

Powers.  The following powers are reserved to the members of the 
Executive Committee of the Regional Group.

a. The Executive Committee shall have full power to act for the 
        Regional Group between membership meetings, provided that 
        the Executive Committee shall take no action contrary to policies 
        established by the membership and all its actions shall be 
        reported to the next membership meeting for approval, rejection 
        or modification.
b. Approval of the Statement of Purpose of the Regional Group.
c. Approval of the adoption, amendment and repeal of Articles of 
        Incorporation and Bylaws of the Regional Group.
d. Approval of the Strategic Plan and Policies and Procedures of the 
        Regional Group.
e. Approval of the operating budget of the Regional Group.
f. Authority to enter into agreements and contracts on behalf of the 
        Regional Group.
g. Authority to seek and receive grants from local, state and national  
        governmental and private entities and foundations which are in 
        accord with the Statement of Purpose of the Regional Group.

Section 5.2:

Vacancies.  Vacancies due to death, resignation or other cause shall 
be filled by the Executive Committee, upon the recommendation of 
the Nominating Committee.  Such successor shall serve for the 
remainder of the term of the vacant Executive Committee member.  

Section 5.3:

Meetings.  In addition to the annual meeting and any special 
meetings of the membership, the Executive committee may 
provide by resolution the time and place for the holding of 
regular meetings of the Executive Committee.  Special 
Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the 
President or theSecretary if received as a written request of 
one-third (1/3) of the members of the Executive Committee.  
If any member of the Executive Committee misses three (3) 
consecutive meetings without good cause, he/she shall be 
automatically dismissed from the Executive Committee.  Nothing 
in this Section shall be construed as preventing a member of the 
Executive Committee, who has been dismissed due to absences 
from immediately seeking reinstatement to the Executive Committee 
through being nominated by another member of the Executive 
Committee, and the majority vote of the members of the Executive 
Committee approving such reinstatement.  A member seeking 
reinstatement shall show good cause for his/her failure to comply 
with the attendance policy in this Section, and is expected to attend 
meetings in compliance with this Section in the future.

Section 5.4:

Notice.  Notice of all Executive Committee meetings shall be mailed
or delivered to each member not less than five (5) nor more than forty 
(40) days before the date of the meeting, which notice shall in the case 
of special meetings state generally the nature of the business to be taken 
up at the meeting. 

Section 5.5:

Quorum.  For all meetings of the Executive Committee, a quorum shall be 
a simple majority of the Executive Committee members;  to be legal, action 
taken by mail, fax, phone or conference call shall require approval of the 
majority of the Executive Committee.

Section 5.6:

Procedure.  Robert’s Rules of Order Revised (latest edition) shall govern 
procedure at all meetings of the Executive Committee and its committees 
were not covered expressly by these Bylaws.

Section 5.7:

Ex-Officio Members.  Any person so designated by the Executive 
Committee shall hold ex-officio membership on the Executive 
Committee and may participate by voice, but not by vote, in all 

Section 5.8:

Compensation of Executive Committee Members.  Members of 
the Executive Committee shall not be compensated for serving 
as members.  Nothing herein, however, shall be construed so as 
to preclude any member of the Executive Committee from receiving 
reimbursement for legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the 
Regional Group or fees for professional services rendered.

Section 5.9:

Resignation of Executive Committee Members.  Any member may 
resign from the Regional Group by delivering a written resignation 
letter to the President or Secretary of the Regional Group.

Section 5.10:

Removal of Executive Committee Members.  Any member may be 
removed from office by the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) 
of the vote of the Executive Committee.  Any member proposed to be 
removed shall be entitled to a least five (5) days notice in writing by 
mail of the meeting at which such removal is to be voted upon and 
shall be entitled to be heard at such meeting before the vote.

Section 5.11:

Voting.  At every meeting of the Executive Committee each member 
shall be entitled to vote in person with each member entitled to one 
vote.  All elections shall be held and all questions decided by a 
simple majority of the vote of the members present, so long as a 
quorum exists.


Section 6.1:

Committees.  Generally, Committees of the Executive Committee 
shall be named and appointed by the President, to serve for any 
specific purpose, whether short-term or ongoing.  At least one(1) 
member of each committee shall be a member of the Board of 

Section 6.2:

Nominating Committee.  A Nominating Committee shall have the 
duty of reporting to the Executive Committee such positions as 
directed by the Board.  The Chairman and members of the 
Nominating Committee will be appointed by the President of the 
Regional Group at the last  meeting prior to the annual meeting.


Section 7.1:

Offices.  The principal office of the Regional Group shall be located 
within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Section 7.2:

Fiscal Year:  The fiscal year of the Regional Group shall begin on 
the first day of July and end on the 30th day of June of the following 

Section 7.3: 

Auditors.  The Executive Committee shall select the independent 
auditor or auditors for the Regional Group. 

Section 7.4:  

Membership Dues.  Membership dues for members of the Regional 
Group and the regulations governing payment of such dues  are as 
specified in Article X (Dues) of the current edition of the BVA National 
Bylaws, as amended.    All sums received by the Treasurer shall be 
placed by him/her in a bank designated by members of the Executive 
Committee.  The bank account shall be in the name of the Regional 

Section 7.5:

Funds.  Funds of the Regional Group shall be dispensed only by 
checks drawn by the Treasurer or designee authorized by the 
Executive Committee only  in conformity with a budget adopted 
by the membership.

Section 7.6:

No fund-raising endeavor involving an appeal for funds to the 
general public shall be undertaken without authorization by a 
Regional Group meeting and prior approval of the National 
Board of Directors (refer to Section 13e of Article XIV (Regional 
Groups) of the current edition of the BVA National Bylaws as 


Section 8.1:

In the event of the dissolution of the Kentuckiana Regional Group, 
all assets, real or personal, shall become subject to the provisions 
of Section 8 of Article XIV (Regional Groups) of the current edition 
of the BVA National Bylaws as amended.


Section 9.1:

Discipline of members of the Regional Group shall be in accordance 
with the provisions of Article XV (Discipline of Members and Associate 
Members) and Article XVI (Trial Procedure) of the current edition of the 
BVA National Bylaws as amended.


Section 10.1:

Procedure for Amending.  These Bylaws may be amended by a 
two-thirds (2/3) vote of those voting at any meeting of the membership, 
a quorum being present, provided that thirty (30) days written notice 
of such Proposed amendment(s) shall have been given to all members 
in good standing.Section 10.2:  Any amendment of these Bylaws 
inconsistent with the National Charter of bylaws of the blinded Veterans 
Association shall be null and void.  


Section 11.1: 

 All points of parliamentary procedure not covered by these Bylaws shall 
be covered by Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


Section 12.1:

a. Each subordinate chapter is, and always will be, under the  
        direction and control of the Kentuckiana Regional Group, Inc.
b. Each subordinate chapter will have no official standing outside  
        of the parent Regional Group.
c. Each subordinate chapter will have an identifiable name (example:  
        Western Chapter of the Kentuckiana Regional Group, Inc.).

Section 12.2:

Standing.  Chapter members must be in good standing.

Section 12.3:

Officers.  Chapters must have and elect their own officers, subject 
to the following restrictions.
a. Chapter officers shall be titled as specified in the Kentuckiana 
        Regional Group Bylaws.
b. Terms of Chapter officers shall be consistent with the 
        Kentuckiana Regional Group, Inc. Bylaws.
c. Chapter officers may not serve simultaneously as Regional  
        Group officers, with the exception that Chapter officers may be 
        selected to the Regional group as Members-at-Large.
d. Chapter officers and/or members of a Chapter may be  
       designated as Delegate(s) to a State Convention should one be 

Section 12.4:

Meetings.  Chapters may schedule and hold their own meetings.
a. Written minutes of each Chapter meeting must be prepared
        and forwarded to the Regional Group within 60 days of such 
        meeting, and will be read at the next Regional Group meeting.
b. The Regional Group may hold meetings at Chapter locations 
        on a rotating basis.
c. Chapter officers may request through the Regional Group, name 
        labels and printouts from BVA National Headquarters in order to 
        send out Chapter meeting notices, notify members of Chapter 
        activities and  to recruit BVA members.

Section 12.5:

Incorporation.  Chapters may not incorporate nor apply for Internal 
Revenue  (IRS) 501 (c)(3) tax-exemption status.

Section 12.6:

Fiscal matters.  
a. Chapters may not engage in fund-raising activities unless the 
        Regional Group has sought and obtained approval from the 
        BVA National Board of Directors.
b. Chapters may open a single separate  bank account solely to 
        conduct chapter business.
c. Upon the establishment of a Chapter (meaning the swearing-in 
        of elected Chapter officers by the Regional Group President), the 
        Regional Group will provide an initial, one-time funding to the 
        Chapter in the amount of $250.00.
d. Other than the aforementioned initial, one-time Chapter  
        funding,funds for distribution to a Chapter must be approved  
       at a Regional Group meeting or by the Executive Committee  
        for approval at the following membership meeting.
e. Other funds for each Chapter should be maintained by the 
        Regional Group and distributed as requested.

Section 12.7:

 A Chapter must be approved or dissolved by a majority vote of a 
properly convened Regional Group meeting.  
a. A Chapter may be dissolved for failure to comply with the 
        Regional Group Bylaws, or for some other compelling reason(s) 
        as determined by the Regional Group Executive Committee.
b. A Chapter which has been dissolved shall immediately turn over 
        all  of its assets, including books, records, property and funds 
        to the Regional Group.

Section 12.8:

a. Each Chapter should establish its boundaries within the 
        Regional Group area, keeping in mind that the Chapter 
        should have a local focus.
b. Chapters should be organized in major metropolitan areas, 
        preferably those areas with a VA Medical Center or Outpatient 


Section 13.1:

Map of Kentucky.  Map of Kentucky depicting six (6) northern Kentucky 
counties which are excluded from the Kentuckiana Regional Group by 
reason of being part of the OKI Regional Group.

Section 13.2:  

Map of Indiana.  Map of Indiana depicting thirteen (13) southern Indiana 
counties which are part of the Kentuckiana Regional Group PSA.